Paintings, Framing, Woodwork, and Photography

Gary Janczynski
32 Cole St unit 1A
Warren, RI, 02885


Welcome to My World

Abstract interpretation of my color blind world, and my appreciation for natural patterns, and rhythms.

Prints and original artwork available, as well as woodworking creations from found and salvaged materials.

about GARy                     

Hi, I’m an abstract/contemporary artist who uses paint and salvaged materials to create artwork on canvas, wood, and cardboard.

I’ve lived in Rhode Island a good portion of my life, I grew up a Navy brat, and the experiences of living in places such as Italy, and Hawaii shaped how I see things. Then my time in the Air Force, and I traveled more, seeing different states and countries, and experiencing their different traditions and styles.

 I remember as a kid, being interested in the textures and patterns that occurred in nature, on rocks, or in the bark of a tree. As I did as a kid, I like to create abstract designs and patterns with paint and random salvaged materials. Colors, shapes, and lines of everyday items have always attracted my attention. Most of my paintings have a color or texture that remind me of something I’ve seen somewhere before, either in nature or manufactured items. I try to bring color to life with contrasting but harmonious tones, bold compositions, and texture. My color blindness effects how I see color, and that effects the colors I choose to paint with. I often wonder what the rest of the world sees and feels when they first see my work?

 Gallery of Work